Wednesday, September 13, 2006

natural treatment for lead poisoning

Natural treatment for lead poisoning.
First try to find out where you are getting lead from. This could be lead paint lead solder in pipes or lead pipes.
You can even get lead posoning from some herbs and vitamins. If you have symptoms of lead poisoning go to doctor.
You can reduce lead poisoning with some natural remedies but i always say go to doctor also.
Vitamin that rediuces lead effects is vitamin E.
You can reduce lead effects by eating the following foods.
Eat whole grain food and breads. Eat food with alot of fiber and eat apples they help reduce lead in system.
You can also try using alfalfa and dandelion herbs. Dandelion will remove water and take some lead out alfalfa will also help.
Best advice figure out what is causing leadpoisoning and fix that first. You will always have it if you do not solve problem why you get lead poisong. If you do not fix problem you can have seriuos health problems.

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