Wednesday, September 13, 2006

natural treatment for lead poisoning

Natural treatment for lead poisoning.
First try to find out where you are getting lead from. This could be lead paint lead solder in pipes or lead pipes.
You can even get lead posoning from some herbs and vitamins. If you have symptoms of lead poisoning go to doctor.
You can reduce lead poisoning with some natural remedies but i always say go to doctor also.
Vitamin that rediuces lead effects is vitamin E.
You can reduce lead effects by eating the following foods.
Eat whole grain food and breads. Eat food with alot of fiber and eat apples they help reduce lead in system.
You can also try using alfalfa and dandelion herbs. Dandelion will remove water and take some lead out alfalfa will also help.
Best advice figure out what is causing leadpoisoning and fix that first. You will always have it if you do not solve problem why you get lead poisong. If you do not fix problem you can have seriuos health problems.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

lead paint poisoning

lead paint poisoning.

lead paint poisoning is caused in 2 ways. First people actualy eat lead paint flakes moslt of them are kids. Second way is the dust from lead paint.

Peeling lead paint can cause lead paint poisoning very easy. The paint falls onto the floor. You can eat the paint chips off floor like some children and get lead paint poisoning or get lead on your hands from cleaning the lead paint up.
The lead paint chips on floor can cause real problems when you vaccum them up and even walk on them. You break the lead paint into smaller pieces and dust. This can be blown around if you vaccum it up and ingested into your body by your lungs. You can also ingest lead from the dust on counter tops and clothes and food.
Think of it this way any lead paint dust in the air can land on clothers hands or food. You then eat it even though you do not know it. Removal of lead paint should be done very carefully. Either hire some one or take the wood trim or door outside and remove the lead paint with chemical stripper not sanding it.
If you sand lead paint you will exspose yourself to large levels of lead and maybe damage your health. Most people do not realize that the dust is what gets most people in trouble not paint chips.
If you have lead paint chips or peeling lead paint first wet mop do not vaccum and are with paint chips. Second plan on removing lead as soon as possible. The only things worse than lead paint in the home is lead pipes for your water.
That is another story we will talk about and show you how to test for.
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Friday, March 10, 2006

lead paint removal

lead paint removal.

If you fidn out you have lead paint in your home you can do a few things to make it better.

First you can paint over lead paint with a good primer sealer and then re paint surface.
This si to stop paint peeling and dust. If you have to remove lead paint i suggest a paint stripper not sanding lead paint. Sanding can cause lead paint dust and this is very bad and hard to clean up. You might make it worse by sanding lead paint then if you just paint over it.
If you have something that you need to save remoce the wood or door and strip the lead paint in garage or out doors with paint stripper. Make sute to wear gloves and mask. make sure to tjrow lead paint out in trash.
Useing a paint stripper is less dangerous than sanding lead paint so never sand any lead paint in my mind.
Some times it is cheaper and faster just to remove anything with lead paint. I know you can not remove a wall easy but to replace old dorr with new one or even trim and baseboard cn be cheaper and safeir way to remove lad paint.
If you replace old door you should sabve money on heating bills anyway. Most old dorrs do not have good weather stripping and a new one will have better heat savings and no eald paint. You kill 2 projedcts with one.
If you have any lead dust mop it up never vaccum and lead paint or dust up. This will spread lead into air and into your body.
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Come back soon we will talk more about lead paint and removal and even lead paint testing kits.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

lead poisoning treatment

lead poisoning treatment.

First thing to do is get blood test for lead poisoning to see what level of lead is in the blood.
If lower level you can reduce exposure bye damp mopping area with lead paint and dust. You can also wash hands more often to reduce exsposure and eat more foods high in calcium and iron to help reduce lead in the body.
If you test at higer levels a doctor can prescribe drugs to lower lead levels. The main concern is reducing lead exsposure in your home and that should be the second most important thing besides being tested for lead levels in blood.
You can contact local authorites and ask for lead facts sheet. They will be able to tell you simple tips and tricks to reduce lead poisoning and what to look for. Some will be able to tell you where to buy home lead testing kit.
Testing your home for lead is a great idea and gives you idea of what has to be cleaned up to reduce lead posioning.
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Monday, March 06, 2006

lead poisoning sympton

lead poisoning sympton.

Here is a simple list of lead poisoning symptons.

lower IQs
memory problems
reduced coordination
learning disabilities
increased sleeping
decreased activity and fatigue
hearing loss
slow reflexes
muscle weakness, affecting mainly the upper extremities
seizures, coma, hypertension in high levels
gastrointestinal system, causing:
abdominal pain
poor appetite
weight loss
blood system, causing anemia or low blood counts
kidney problems
reproductive system, causing:
premature birth
low birth weight

The lead poisoning sympton can take months with a low exposure rate or become apparent within a few days of a large exposure to lead.
Most lead poisoning comes from lead paint and lead in drinking water. You should have your water tested for lead in any older home just to be safe.
Lead paint will also be in homes over 15 years old and is dangerous when peeling lead paint or even from dust from paint chips.
Lead paint can be tested with some home kits or you can hire a contractor to do this for you.
If you think you have lead poisoning and the symptons seem to show this contact your doctor to have a blood test done. This will show how much lead in any is in your system.
Sometimes time will lower lead levels and other times medical treatments will be needed. It all depends on how much lead is in your body.
Hope this helps you understand lead poisoning sympton more.
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Come back soon we will continue to discuss lead poisoning sympton and treatments for it.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

lead paint

lead paint.

lead paint can be a real danger in a older home. The trim around doors and windows can flake and paint peel. This can be eaten bye small children .
You can also get lead poisoning bye ingesting the dust from the paint. Thier are many ways this can happen. You can sand the paint and get lead poisoning or even get it from dust from old paint broken up on the floor..
If you have any lead paint at home and flakes are on the floor wipe them up with damp paper toil. Then throw it out. Clean any area with mop do not vacum lead paint or dust this can cause more problems.
If you use a vacum it can throw lead paint dust into air and you can get lead poisoning from breathing it in. You also can get it all over the house and eat it from contact from your hands or food.
Tomorrow we will discuss ways to help prevent lead poisoning from lead paint. We also also continue with tips on how to clean lead paint up an make it safer.
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Saturday, March 04, 2006

lead poisoning

lead poisoning.

lead poisoning is caused by ingesting lead from paint or even water pipes.

You can get lead poisoning from eaten paint chips but most people do not know that some homes have lead in water supply.
You can get lead poisoning from lead pipes used on old homes or even lead used to join copper pipes.
One other way to get lead poisoning is from the dust of lead paint or bye sanding paint that has lead in it.
You get higer levels of lead in you body with each exsposure. This takes time to get rid of it naturaly. If you continue to get more lead in your body it will cause seroius health problems..
Lead can cause brain defects in young children and even damage adult brains.
The first thing i would do is get a home test kit for water than test paint. If water has lead make sure to drink bottled water until you can either put filter for lead on water line or fix lead proble with water line.
Paint dust should be wiped up with water and wash your hands after wipping it up. You can primer over lead paint and paint over it if it is peeling.
We will list more about lead poisoning each day. We also will lsit best ways to deal with lead poisoning and what to look for.
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