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lead poisoning sympton

lead poisoning sympton.

Here is a simple list of lead poisoning symptons.

lower IQs
memory problems
reduced coordination
learning disabilities
increased sleeping
decreased activity and fatigue
hearing loss
slow reflexes
muscle weakness, affecting mainly the upper extremities
seizures, coma, hypertension in high levels
gastrointestinal system, causing:
abdominal pain
poor appetite
weight loss
blood system, causing anemia or low blood counts
kidney problems
reproductive system, causing:
premature birth
low birth weight

The lead poisoning sympton can take months with a low exposure rate or become apparent within a few days of a large exposure to lead.
Most lead poisoning comes from lead paint and lead in drinking water. You should have your water tested for lead in any older home just to be safe.
Lead paint will also be in homes over 15 years old and is dangerous when peeling lead paint or even from dust from paint chips.
Lead paint can be tested with some home kits or you can hire a contractor to do this for you.
If you think you have lead poisoning and the symptons seem to show this contact your doctor to have a blood test done. This will show how much lead in any is in your system.
Sometimes time will lower lead levels and other times medical treatments will be needed. It all depends on how much lead is in your body.
Hope this helps you understand lead poisoning sympton more.
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Come back soon we will continue to discuss lead poisoning sympton and treatments for it.

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