Tuesday, March 07, 2006

lead poisoning treatment

lead poisoning treatment.

First thing to do is get blood test for lead poisoning to see what level of lead is in the blood.
If lower level you can reduce exposure bye damp mopping area with lead paint and dust. You can also wash hands more often to reduce exsposure and eat more foods high in calcium and iron to help reduce lead in the body.
If you test at higer levels a doctor can prescribe drugs to lower lead levels. The main concern is reducing lead exsposure in your home and that should be the second most important thing besides being tested for lead levels in blood.
You can contact local authorites and ask for lead facts sheet. They will be able to tell you simple tips and tricks to reduce lead poisoning and what to look for. Some will be able to tell you where to buy home lead testing kit.
Testing your home for lead is a great idea and gives you idea of what has to be cleaned up to reduce lead posioning.
Hope you enjoyed are article on lead poisoning treatment and make sure to look at the long distance site listed on right hand side of are page. The site saved me over $15 a month on local phone bill and you can save as much or more.

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