Friday, March 10, 2006

lead paint removal

lead paint removal.

If you fidn out you have lead paint in your home you can do a few things to make it better.

First you can paint over lead paint with a good primer sealer and then re paint surface.
This si to stop paint peeling and dust. If you have to remove lead paint i suggest a paint stripper not sanding lead paint. Sanding can cause lead paint dust and this is very bad and hard to clean up. You might make it worse by sanding lead paint then if you just paint over it.
If you have something that you need to save remoce the wood or door and strip the lead paint in garage or out doors with paint stripper. Make sute to wear gloves and mask. make sure to tjrow lead paint out in trash.
Useing a paint stripper is less dangerous than sanding lead paint so never sand any lead paint in my mind.
Some times it is cheaper and faster just to remove anything with lead paint. I know you can not remove a wall easy but to replace old dorr with new one or even trim and baseboard cn be cheaper and safeir way to remove lad paint.
If you replace old door you should sabve money on heating bills anyway. Most old dorrs do not have good weather stripping and a new one will have better heat savings and no eald paint. You kill 2 projedcts with one.
If you have any lead dust mop it up never vaccum and lead paint or dust up. This will spread lead into air and into your body.
While your here look at the long distanec site on right hand side. The site has every phone service from local to long distance even cellaulr and voip. I saved over $15 a month on bill so can you.
Come back soon we will talk more about lead paint and removal and even lead paint testing kits.

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