Saturday, March 04, 2006

lead poisoning

lead poisoning.

lead poisoning is caused by ingesting lead from paint or even water pipes.

You can get lead poisoning from eaten paint chips but most people do not know that some homes have lead in water supply.
You can get lead poisoning from lead pipes used on old homes or even lead used to join copper pipes.
One other way to get lead poisoning is from the dust of lead paint or bye sanding paint that has lead in it.
You get higer levels of lead in you body with each exsposure. This takes time to get rid of it naturaly. If you continue to get more lead in your body it will cause seroius health problems..
Lead can cause brain defects in young children and even damage adult brains.
The first thing i would do is get a home test kit for water than test paint. If water has lead make sure to drink bottled water until you can either put filter for lead on water line or fix lead proble with water line.
Paint dust should be wiped up with water and wash your hands after wipping it up. You can primer over lead paint and paint over it if it is peeling.
We will list more about lead poisoning each day. We also will lsit best ways to deal with lead poisoning and what to look for.
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