Thursday, March 23, 2006

lead paint poisoning

lead paint poisoning.

lead paint poisoning is caused in 2 ways. First people actualy eat lead paint flakes moslt of them are kids. Second way is the dust from lead paint.

Peeling lead paint can cause lead paint poisoning very easy. The paint falls onto the floor. You can eat the paint chips off floor like some children and get lead paint poisoning or get lead on your hands from cleaning the lead paint up.
The lead paint chips on floor can cause real problems when you vaccum them up and even walk on them. You break the lead paint into smaller pieces and dust. This can be blown around if you vaccum it up and ingested into your body by your lungs. You can also ingest lead from the dust on counter tops and clothes and food.
Think of it this way any lead paint dust in the air can land on clothers hands or food. You then eat it even though you do not know it. Removal of lead paint should be done very carefully. Either hire some one or take the wood trim or door outside and remove the lead paint with chemical stripper not sanding it.
If you sand lead paint you will exspose yourself to large levels of lead and maybe damage your health. Most people do not realize that the dust is what gets most people in trouble not paint chips.
If you have lead paint chips or peeling lead paint first wet mop do not vaccum and are with paint chips. Second plan on removing lead as soon as possible. The only things worse than lead paint in the home is lead pipes for your water.
That is another story we will talk about and show you how to test for.
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