Sunday, March 05, 2006

lead paint

lead paint.

lead paint can be a real danger in a older home. The trim around doors and windows can flake and paint peel. This can be eaten bye small children .
You can also get lead poisoning bye ingesting the dust from the paint. Thier are many ways this can happen. You can sand the paint and get lead poisoning or even get it from dust from old paint broken up on the floor..
If you have any lead paint at home and flakes are on the floor wipe them up with damp paper toil. Then throw it out. Clean any area with mop do not vacum lead paint or dust this can cause more problems.
If you use a vacum it can throw lead paint dust into air and you can get lead poisoning from breathing it in. You also can get it all over the house and eat it from contact from your hands or food.
Tomorrow we will discuss ways to help prevent lead poisoning from lead paint. We also also continue with tips on how to clean lead paint up an make it safer.
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